Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Village Center in pictures

The following pictures of the Harper's Choice Village Center were taken during the community plan process and seek to convey the Village Center from the perspective of a pedestrian.

 Parking lot between the Athletic Club and Kahler Hall

 Joseph Square

Second floor of main Kimco buildings, adjacent to loft apartments.

Front of Village Center

Parking between Safeway and single story Kimco building with bank, cleaners, and restaurant.

 Outparcel building - now contains a consignment store.

 Entrance to sports park.

Front of passage between two Kimco buildings.

 Passage between two primary Kimco buildings.

 Walkway along front of Village Center.

Patio for Kahler Hall.

Plans are in place to post additional pictures as well as video.  Please see the maps in the formal planning pages for an aerial perspective on the Village Center.

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