Saturday, April 21, 2012

Community Outreach

Today (April 21st) was the Harper's Choice Village Board elections as well as the election of the Village Representative to the Columbia Board of Directors. To help encourage voter turn out, a craft fair and numerous family activities were planned at the community center during voting hours. The Harper's Village Center Community Planning (HCVCCP) committee continues to seek ways to engage the community in the planning process and was in attendance at the community center today with a poster display that illustrated where we are in the planning process, shared key findings and concepts, and sought community input.  Hard copies of the community planning survey were available as were sticky notes that people could write comments on and attach to the posters. The community planning survey was also included on the back of the ballot that was mailed out to all Harper's Choice residents at the beginning of April. As ballots were reviewed today, it appears that approximately 100 included complete surveys!

The following are pictures of today's event


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