Monday, April 30, 2012


This blog is intended to serve as a forum for community awareness and engagement in the planning process for the Harper's Choice Village Center in Columbia, Maryland. The official content will be housed in the pages across the top, which include:
  • A brief history of the Village of Harper's Choice  
  • An overview of the Village Center planning process
  • The planning and community engagement process 
  • The Village Center planning focus area
  • Current demographics (forthcoming)
  • An overview of current land use and zoning in the Village Center 
  • An overview of current connectivity and circulation considerations in the Village Center
  • The Harper's Choice Village Center Community Plan (forthcoming)
  • Core design principles for redevelopment
  • The community input survey 
Blog posts (on the right) will be added to provide updates on the planning process itself as well as additional perspectives and possibilities from the blog author, Chiara D'Amore, who is the chairperson for the Harper's Choice Village Center Community Plan (HCVCCP) Committee, a PhD student in Sustainability Education at Prescott College, and an environmental consultant specializing in energy efficiency and sustainable design.

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  1. Just stumbled on the Blog. Thanks for doing this.

    I live just across from the Doughreagan (Douhhoregan as Warfield spelled it) Stone on Rushlight Path and noticed that the oak has lost a large branch. Any idea if the stone is maintained by Columbia Association? Someone needs to clean it up. Luckily the big branch did not shatter the stone... just missed it.